How It Works

Step #1

You pick ANY songs you would like to have custom edited by filling out the form on the Place Order page.

Step #2

We purchase copies of the full-length songs from one of the major online digital music stores (such as iTunes or to ensure you own a legally purchased copy of each song.

Step #3

We create specially edited versions of the songs and email a copy to you. We deliver the finished product within five business days of your order as a high quality mp3 (320kbps). Often times, your order will be ready within one business day, but normal delivery times are three to five business days.
Why do we purchase a copy of the song for you?
We are not in the business of selling music. We are a production company that specializes in audio editing. When you order a custom edit, you are paying for the service of having a skilled audio editor work to create a unique song version.

We need to ensure that you personally own a copy of the song, so that the artists, writers, and publishers also make money. The only way we can know with 100% certainty that you own a copy is if we purchase one on your behalf.

If any or all of the songs you choose are not available for us to purchase, you may opt to send us the original, legally purchased file(s), which we will use as our source.

Please see our full list of Frequently Asked Questions for further details.
Money back & quality guarantee
If we are unable to fulfill your order because the song you selected is not available for purchase in one of the major online music stores, we will refund that portion of your order.

We take great pride in our work, and we make sure all of our finished edits are smooth and seamless. Still, if you are unsatisfied with a custom edit we provided, please send us a note via the Contact page, and we will do our best to create one you are happy with. Again, editing decisions are always at our discretion, since the most important thing is to create a finished product that sounds professional.