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Please list the artist and title for all songs. If any of your songs are not available for purchase in one of the major online music retail stores, we will notify you. You may then select a different song, opt for a full/partial refund, or send us the source.

Unless you have a specific reason for providing editing instructions, we strongly recommend you allow our professional editors to make those decisions. Each finished custom edit will usually run about two minutes in length, unless you request a different length. Our highest priority is to make the finished product sound great rather than to target an exact length.

If necessary, you may suggest special editing instructions such as:

- sections you would like removed
- version/mix of a song used as the source
- desired length

Please remember, editing choices are always at the discretion of to ensure a smooth sounding finished product. If there are lyrics that need to be removed, please let us know which lyrics, and we will try to accommodate your request.
  • Custom Song Edit
    Custom Song Edit

    Single song option.

  • Custom Song Edit 3-Pack
    Custom Song Edit 3-Pack

    Save a few bucks when you order 3.

  • Custom 4-Song Medley
    Custom 4-Song Medley

    Pick four songs for a medley, and give us an idea of which parts of each song you'd like included.